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Product Description

GreenTeeth Wear Sharp 926-WS2

The new design allows for the tooth to wear to a new edge while cutting, which will increase the lifespan and durability of the tooth. The tooth has 2 positions in lieu of three.

  • Stop wasting time with stripped allen bolts.
  • Just stop with replacing broken and bent teeth.
  • Quit constantly swapping out teeth too frequently.

Greenteeth design is superior because they can also be rotated to expose fresh cutting surfaces, allowing even more cutting life from each tooth. Greenteeth 900 series teeth are designed to fit on 900 series Greenteeth pockets only.


  • Soil conditions vary and that's why there are different styles
  • Green/Standard, Red/Deep Dish, and Wearsharp design.
    • Green tooth has a carbide tip has a shallow dish and is designed for tougher and more unpredictable soil conditions.
    • Red tooth carbide tip has a deep dish, cuts fast, and works well in cleaner soils.
    • Wearsharp tooth design keeps a sharp edge as it wears, giving you consistent cutting speed throughout the life of the tooth.

Important note: Wheel size matters!

The 900 series Wearsharp tooth has a two sided shank and is designed to run on 22" in diameter and smaller wheels such as the Greenwheel and Quadwheel grinder wheels.


  • The Greenwheel Wearsharp Tooth can only be used on the Greenwheel and Quadwheel and does not fit into the 500-1100 series pockets.
Price: $11.25

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