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Product Description

ISC Squirrel Tether

The Squirrel Tether is designed for low-friction ascents and optimal engagement of the Rope Wrench, as required during descent and lateral movements within the canopy.


  • Greatly minimizes the twist and flex of Rope Wrench System
  • Optimal low friction position during ascent; maximizes climbing efficiency
  • Engages efficientl during lateral movement and descent.
  • Stopper bollard ensures correct position to engage on rope and prevents the Rope Wrench from pinching/squashing the user's hand. Ensuring the climber can safely handle the upper or lower part of the tether, when tending/adjusting the system, on the rope.
  • SRS Chest Harness, for hands-free tending of the system during ascent
  • Four SRS Chest Harness attachment points
  • Squirrel Pulley provides a secondary attachment point for second system excellent for rescue scenarios.
  • Capatible with both Rope Wrench models 11-13mm Rope Wrench (RP280) and the 13mm-optimised Rope Wrench (RP283)


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Wrench Compatibilty: RP280 & RP283
  • Rope Compatibility: 11-13mm
  • MBS: 24kN | 5,295 lbs
  • ANSI compliant version: As standard
  • Serial numbering: As standard
  • Weight: 350g | 12oz.
  • Height: 319mm | 12 9/16"
  • MPN: RT290A1
Price: $130.82

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