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Product Description

Shelter Tree's Exclusive Doggett Blend Fertilizer

20-0-15 SHELTER TREE “NO-PHOS” BLEND with Micronutrients

Shelter Tree worked with Doggett Corporation to create an environmental low impact fertilizer while formulating a solution for customers with restrictive geographic areas around water sources. This formulation is uniquely created for New England soils, using a specific slow release nitrogen source (11% WIN (Water Insoluble Nitrogen) and 3% slowly available N). This allows 6-12 months of slow release fertilization. Shelter Tree 20-0-15 Blend is best for maintaining tree health while being safer on the environment.

The formula contains humates for increased cation exchange capacity and it conditions the soil profile.


  • A full micronutrient package rounds out this custom blend to provide good plant health, color and vigor
  • Low salt index


  • Components: Nitrogen: 20%, Potassium: 0%, Calcium: 15%
  • Volume: 30lb bag
  • MPN: 20-0-15

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