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Product Description

Doggett Tree Rooter 10-22-22 - 25 lb Pail


  • A sensible blend of organic and inorganic elements
  • Slow release nitrogen for a steady supply of the most needed nutrients
  • Phosphorous and potassium, the essential elements for root growth in their most available form
  • Organic humic acid which improves nutrient uptake and buffers the plant
  • Organic bone meal which is a good source of root promoting phosphorous and improves soil texture
  • Iron, copper, manganese, and zinc essential for energy transfer


TREE ROOTER is a unique formulation designed for direct application to the root ball or bare root of new plantings or transplantings to reduce shock and promote a good healthy start. The combination of organic and synthetic components of TREE ROOTER is blended specifically for maximum results in a safe localized application.

TREE ROOTER should be pre-mixed into a concentrated solution and applied prior to filling in the planting hole. The solution should be applied at a rate of three to four pounds of actual phosphorous and actual potassium. To achieve this, TREE ROOTER should be mixed at 1 lb. in 5 gallons of water. Please stir or agitate the solution for three to five minutes to insure total hydration and mixing of ingredients. It is ideal to apply the solution as you are stirring, as this enables the insoluble particles to spread uniformly over the area of application.

Balled and Burlap: At the rate of 1 lb. per 5 gallons, soak the balled tree root area while in the planting hole. Apply the solution slowly for maximum absorption and allow to flood around the base. The area should be well soaked and watered in after backfill.

Bare-Root: Place the tree or shrub firmly into a large planting hole, combing the roots gently with your fingers toward the outside of the hole. Begin back-filling with a fine mulch or peat moss, covering the majority of the root area. Apply TREE ROOTER solution at the 1 lb. in 5 gallons rate, saturating the root area and planting hole. Complete backfill and water in well.

Follow same directions for spade dug trees. Please keep new plantings well watered.


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