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Product Description

PHC Tree Saver - For use on all trees and shrubs


  • Mycorrhizal fungi are essential to plant growth, but they're often not present in urban settings, especially when soils are moved, compacted, have fertilizer and pH imbalances, or are low in organic matter.
  • Commercial potting mixes and fumigated soils are often sterile - with no mycorrhizal fungi at all!
  • Get mycorrhizal fungi transplant innoculant in convenient, pre-measured 3oz tree survival packs or bulk pails, with live spores of beneficial endo and ectomychorrhizal fungi, plus Terra-Sorb (water absorbent gel) and biostimulants to ensure the survival of your transplants.


  • One 3oz pack will treat one 1" caliper tree or three 2gal potted shrubs.
  • MPN: MT230 comes with (30) 3oz packs

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