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Product Description

Doggett 15-15-20 Drought Special

15-15-20 Drought Special is formulated for the professional arborist. Because of its high Ureaform content it does not dissolve completely, but with strong agitation remains in suspension. 15-15-20 Drought Special Fertilizer should only be used with power spraying equipment with good mechanical agitation. It is specifically for soil injection into root areas of plants, shrubs, and trees with humic acid. 100% of the Nitrogen in Drought Special is derived from Powder Blue Nitroform. This unique Ureaform fertilizer releases available Nitrogen over the entire growing season. Any Nitrogen not released during the first season will carry over to the following year.

  • Powder Blue Nitroform is non-leaching
  • Low salt index of 15
  • Guaranteed to enhance the recovery of drought-stricken trees and shrubs
  • Mix 15lbs. per 100 Gallons of water
  • Apply 5 Gallons of fertilizer solution per inch of trunk diameter

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  • 30 lb. Bag


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