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Product Description

PHC BioPak Plus 3-0-20 (5 x 1lb. Packets per Bag)

Improve the mineral nutrition, color, and flowering of trees and shrubs with this combined micro-nutrient treatment and biofertilizer inoculant. Great choice for plants that need recovery from stress. Contains the beneficial rhizosphere bacteria of PHC BioPak, with potassium, chelated micro-nutrients and yucca extract. Apply by soil injection or drench.

Key product benefits of BioPak Plus 3-0-20:

  • Promotes a plant’s recovery from stress.
  • Reverses mineral deficiencies that cause chlorosis and necrosis.
  • Improves root function without stimulating excessive top growth.
  • Provides soluble nutrients in acidic, neutral and alkaline soils.

Spring: helps plants recover from winter and provides minerals needed for root growth

Summer: helps maintain vigorous plant growth and green color.

Fall: prepares plants for cold, desiccating wind, lack of moisture and frozen ground

Bag contains: 5 x 1 lb. bags


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