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Product Description

Roots Concentrate 1-0-3

Roots® Concentrate 1-0-3 contains nutrients to promote growth of plantsand to help increase microbial activity in soil. Humic acids are included toaid in nutrient uptake by plants. Roots® Concentrate is a formulation thatcan be used as a foliar treatment, and it can be applied directly to the soil.


  • Promotes rapid root growth.
  • A liquid biostimulant with NPK of 1-0-3For foliar application on turf, trees, shrubs and ornamentals
  • All mineral fertilizer with nutrients immediately available to the plant
  • Contains seaplant extract, humic acids and vitamins for improved plant health


  • 2.5 gallon jug


Apply only as directed. ROOTS® Concentrate is an advanced complex plant nutrientformulation that promotes rapid root growth and quicker regenerationfor seedlings, cuttings, installation, and transplanting. ROOTS®Concentrate is non-phytotoxic and is formulated for soil and foliarapplication through injection and drip irrigation, fertigation or sprayersystem. Low moisture conditions may limit nutrient uptake, so a minimumdilution of 1:30 is recommended. This product is not intended to replace aregular fertilizer program. Consult your county extension agent forspecific fertilizer recommendations. Shake well or agitate before use.Compatibility: ROOTS® Concentrate is tank mix compatible withmost soluble fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and absorbent gels. Jar testing is recommended before mixing and test on a small area prior to extensive use with other chemicals whenever possible.


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