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SKU: 013309
Brand: CMI
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Product Description

CMI Rope Jack

The Rope Jack is a mechanical advantage tool for pre-tensioning static lines, light lifting and cabling.


  • Small and light enough for use aloft with cabling and bracing needs
  • Handle length limits excessive loading avoiding rope damage
  • Designed to be used to remove slack & stretch of rigging lines for lowering and lifting applications with a Port-A-Wrap.
  • NOT designed for heavy loads
  • Approved for life support only if used with an additional progress capture device

SPECS & Design Limits:

  • Under no circumstances should a cheater bar be used to increase leverage as it may damage the unit, the rope, or severely injure personnel.
  • Designed to be used by only one individual using one hand only; lt shall be removed before any 'shock' load is applied; lt shall NOT be used for heavy or dynamic loads as there are other tools available for those applications. It can attach mid-line and can run virtually any length of rope.
  • The MA is approximately 3:1 - no pulleys, no extra rope, minimum weight, minimum friction, quick, easy on-off, works well 'topside', too.
  • The CMI Rope Jack is used to remove slack & stretch for lowering and to lift the tips on light limbs without having to break out the big guns. It is NOT for heavy loads. Cams, even 'untoothed' like a Rescucender and Gibbs, have been shown to shred a rope with high loading. There are much better tools for the heavy work. The rope jack is approved for life support use as long as another form of progress capture device is used in conjunction with the device.
  • Approved for life support only if used with an additional progress capture device.
  • Designed to be used with static ropes from 3/8-5/8" diameters.
  • Testing has shown that a single person can generate somewhere between 300-800 pounds of force while using the Rope Jack.
  • Testing revealed CMI ascenders will strip the sheath of brand new 1/2" rope at roughly 1500lbs.
  • To remove a load from the Rope Jack, pull the handle and allow the trailing cam to loosen, then pull handle again and allow the forward cam to loosen. Releasing the Rope Jack takes a little practice; it should be relieved from tension a little bit at a time off each cam.
  • MPN: Rope Jack
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs



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