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Wood Boring Bits

IRWIN DRILL BIT 11/16Click to Change Image   IRWIN DRILL BIT 11/16Click to Change Image


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Product Description
Irwin Power Drill Power Pole Auger Bit

  • Single spur, cutter, and side lip design bore through creosoted poles without clogging, binding, or stopping to clear chips
  • Extra-long twist is ideal for boring large poles, construction timbers, and for multiple timber applications
  • All bits feature 7/16" adaptable hex shank (simply remove it to use round shank)
  • Full-length heat treatment guards against bending in heavy-duty applications and strengthens the twist where the greatest strain occurs
  • Bit can be resharpened
  • Medium-fast screw point ideal for general woodboring applications
  • Lenths" 23" or 29"
  • MPN: 23" - 46911, 29" - 47011

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