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Product Description

BugBarrier Film only is just one component of the BugBarrier Tree Band Kits. This film is 250' long and designed to add to your existing materials. Sometimes your ratios aren't right, this allows you to make sure you have enough of the different components.

BugBarrier is a simple-to-install and non-poisonous approach to effectively trapping and killing a list of insects capable of defoliating full-grown trees. BugBarrier Tree Band works the entire season to catch canker worms, gypsy moths, ants or similar insects on a hidden, sticky surface that stops them from climbing trees. The product arrives in two rolls. The first is dense cotton under layer that fills crevices in the bark to detour passage above.

The second roll is a sticky and wide band capable of retaining thousands of tree-killing pests during the season. Although most pest movements happen in the spring and fall, check with your local extension service to find out the correct season. Best of all, when your customer sees how effectively this product works, you can expect a call every season!


  • Dimensions: 6" wide by 250' feet
  • This is the sticky "trap" part only


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