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Product Description

ArborJet's Arborplugs are considered to be the most advanced innovation in trunk injection technology to ensure precise, high volume, and highly effective applications. Arborplugs are used once, and stay inside the tree to protect the tree from infection.


  • Facilitates high volumes of medicament delivery directly to the xylem tissue of the tree.
  • Arborplug’s tight seal in the tree enables pressure to be sustained throughout injection process, making delivery fast and consistent.
  • The self sealing surgical septum prevents product leakage and product “blow back.”
  • Prevents lost or wasted product.
  • Protects the surrounding environment and the applicator from unintended product contact.
  • Minimizes the number of injection sites and helps to inhibit infection.
  • “Closed” injection site limits wounding, speeds healing, inhibits decay or infection from entering site and prevents site from becoming vector for insects.


  • #3 Arborplugs for small to medium deciduous trees (9/32")
  • #4 Arborplugs for Conifer and medium to large trees (3/8")
  • The tree will grow over the Arborplugs in 1-2 years.

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