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Product Description

"To Fell a Tree - A Complete Guide to Tree Felling and Woodcutting Methods" by Jeff Jepson

Written for both the professional and occasional tree cutter, this book provides essential information to ensure the safety and success of any tree felling and woodcutting operation. Easy to follow step by step instructions.

Topics include:

  • Preparations before the work begins
  • Felling a tree using a three step procedure
  • Felling difficult trees
  • Limbing and bucking the tree (snedding and cross-cutting)
  • Potential work hazards
  • Chain saw safety
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Protecting people and property
  • Felling storm damaged trees
  • Moving limbs and logs
  • Methods for splitting and stacking wood
Publisher: Beaver Tree Publishing
Code: ISBN: 9780615338798
Year: 2009
Author: Jeff Jepson

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