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Product Description

"Knots at Work: A Field Guide for the Modern Arborist" by Jeff Jepson

Jepson's latest field guide provides more than 50 different knots. Highlighting knot knowledge in two important conceptual ways: time-knot construction (tying the knots) and knot application (using the knots). This information can be quickly grasped, because of Brian Kotwica's excellent illustrations, easy-to-read text, and unique cross-reference format. Great compact size for use in the field where it's needed most.

Emphasizing two important concepts:

  1. How to correctly tie the knots
  2. Right application for the knot


  • 50 Knots
  • 200 Illustrations by Bryan Kotwica
  • 184 Pages
  • Soft Cover

Publisher: Beaver Tree Publishing
Code: ISBN: 97897266796
Year: 2014
Author: Jeff Jepson


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