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LOGOX 3-in-1 FORESTRY MULTI-TOOL SETClick to Change Image   LOGOX 3-in-1 FORESTRY MULTI-TOOL SETClick to Change Image   LOGOX 3-in-1 FORESTRY MULTI-TOOL SETClick to Change Image


SKU: 011009
Brand: LOGOX
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Product Description

Make your next day in the woods faster, safer, and easier with a LogOX! Featured in TCIA Magazine

The LogOX 3-in-1 forestry MultiTool tool replaces the dangerous pulp hook for picking up stove length logs, greatly reducing back and knee strain. The Hauler can also be used as a 21" short cant hook, popular with portable sawmill operators. Adding the cant handle extension and T-bar accessories quickly converts it into a 38" cant hook or timberjack to easily roll, lift, or drag logs.
The LogOX saves you time, storage space, and money by consolidating these three essential forestry tools into one compact kit, measuring only 28" long when disassembled. We sell a LogOX carrying case separately for easy transport.


  • Made of rugged, hollow frame, American steel, the Hauler's unique design greatly reduces bending over to pick up and move stove length logs, saving you time while preventing painful back strain, especially when loading a wood splitter.
  • The steel's strength allows our handle to be smaller in diameter than most other cant hooks or timberjacks, making it a great choice for folks with arthritis or carpal tunnel issues.
  • The LogOX hauler is great for consolidating and moving treetops and branches to a wood chipper or other centralized location.
  • Easy to spot high visibility orange, weather coated design, featuring a slip resistant honeycomb textured rubber end grip and a comfortable horizontal Maine hardwood handle for more control.
  • The included LogOX cant hook and timberjack accessories easily attach to the Hauler, using precision milled hitch pins, rather than hex screws.
  • Purchasing the full LogOX set saves $32 compared to buying the accessories separately (or each tool individually for that matter).
  • Llifetime warrantee against manufacturer's defect.
  • 100% Made in USA of American sourced components.



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