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SILKY SUGOI SAW 330MMClick to Change Image   SILKY SUGOI SAW 330MMClick to Change Image


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Product Description

Silky Sugoi Saw 330mm

Welcome to the latest saw in the Silky range. Silky does it again, you will be in awe of the ergonomics, the speed of cutting and frankly it's a beauty. Designed to more aggressive cut than the Zubat, but unlike the large Sugoi, this size is much more user friendly for more applications.


  • Compact, large timber-cutting saw
  • Very large teeth and more aggressive cutting ability on large green wood; still a breeze to use
  • Great alterative to have to use your small chainsaw
  • Great for around the trail, camp, or general purpose saw
  • Ultra lightweight handle and scabbard, leg strap and 3D roller lock system.
  • Electrolysis Nickel Plating blade to protect them from rust


  • TPI: 5.5 to 6.5 teeth per 30mm
  • Sharpenable: Yes
  • MPN: 390-33

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