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SKU: 006970
Brand: ARS
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Product Description

The ARS UV32Pro1 Professional Series Arborist Saw is one of the finest pruning saws on the market today.


The UV32PRO has a 19" overall length with a 13" long precision ground and impulse hardened Japanese Steel blade for an incredibly sharp edge that lasts 3 times longer than any other blade type.

This UV32Pro1 features a special raker toothing pattern to help in removing debris from the cut and is a great choice for cutting green, sappy wood. The pull cut sawing action is fast, smooth and incredibly efficient producing a finished cut so perfectly smooth it appears to be planed. The curved blade keeps the teeth "in the cut" throughout the cutting stroke. The blade features a unique dual taper, thickest at the handle along its length and at the teeth across the width, to provide resistance free sawing.

Hard Chrome plating protect the blade from rust and make cleanup a breeze. The curved handle style and rubber padded grip provide the ultimate in ergonomics and comfort and the "hook" at the handle end keeps your grasp firm and secure in use. Includes a reversible leg scabbard with belt loop for easy access from left or right leg. The scabbard features a safety lock with a thumb trigger release and patented roller technology that allows quick and easy release and stow and prevents damage to the scabbard.


  • 13" Long straight blade
  • 19" Overall length
  • Precision ground Japanese high carbon steel blade
  • Turbocut tri-edged tooth design
  • Impulse hardened for increased strength
  • Hard chrome plated for rust and sap resistance
  • Reversible hard shell scabbard with trigger safety release and belt Loop
  • Rubber padded handle angled for comfortable use

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