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Product Description

Timber Wolf Waterless Hand Cleaner is a citrus based, biodegradable, environmentally safe, waterless hand cleaner. Other products leave your hands dry and gritty, but not Timber Wolf. Our product contains no pumice, petroleum, or mineral solvents. Timber Wolf is pH balanced and contains the finest moisturizing agents plus aloe vera to help heal cuts and scratches and skin irritation.

Outdoorfolk - Removes:

  • residue after field dressing
  • blood and odor
  • fish oil and scales
  • fish odor
  • tree sap
  • creosote & pine tar
  • grease & oil

Industrial/Commercial - Removes:

  • fiber optic cable jelly
  • silicone gel
  • c-cement
  • kopper bond
  • pipe dope
  • grease & oil
  • creosote & tar

Household Uses - Removes:

  • soil & grass stains
  • paint
  • grease & oil
  • adhesives
  • ink
  • pine sap
  • asphalt & tar

Prevents and Relieves Poison Ivy Symptoms

Applied to skin after exposure to poison oak or ivy, Timber Wolf dissolves and removes poisonous sap prevents skin rash and skin reactions caused by the sap of poison oak and ivy

If you already have a rash from poison oak or ivy, Timber Wolf

  • relieves itching
  • reduces inflammation
  • dries areas of irritation
  • limits further spread of the rash

Repels Mosquitos

Used as a lotion on skin, Timber Wolf, has been field tested as an effective repellent against mosquitos. Timber Wolf is used by utility and telecommunication companies, government, agriculture, private industry and the military.

Company Users

Alabama Power, Alaska Railroad, American Electric Power, AmeriCorps, Asplundh Tree, Avista Utilities, Bartlett Tree, Bell Canada, Bonneville Power Administration, CSX Railroad, Charter Communications, Davey Tree, Dominion Power, Duke Energy, Firestone Fibers & Textiles, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida Power & Light, International Paper, Kansas Dept. of Trans., Lucas Tree, Manitoba Telecom, New Hampshire Dept. of Trans., North Carolina Dept. of Trans., Oncor Electric Delivery, Piedmont Natural Gas, Rogers Communications, TECO Energy, Time Warner Cable, Townsend Tree, Wolf Tree, Wright Tree and Yellowstone National Park.


  • Gallon comes wiith a pump for easy dispensing
  • MPN: 8oz HE2008, 16oz. HE2016 Gallon HE2000

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