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Brand: CMI
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Product Description

CMI Bulk Webbing 1" Wide by 300'

CMI's webbing products are constructed from only the finest 1 inch tubular nylon webbing using state of the art computerized bartackers, using a process tailored to exceed the stringent ISO-9001 requirements. You can rest assured that these products are the finest available anywhere!


  • Bright colors
  • Strong
  • High quality

CMI Sewn Goods Service Life Policy

Webbing products may experience a decrease in strength over time due to the conditions the webbing may be exposed to. CMI recommends that all webbing products be inspected before each use, and if a defect is found, the product is disposed of immediately. In regards to weight bearing products such as harnesses and sewn lanyards, the product should be replaced after five years, if no defects have been found during that time. However, if the webbing product has been inspected annually by a certified independent inspector, and no defects have been found the lifespan can be extended to ten years from date of manufacture as long as the product is in good, serviceable condition. The inspections must be documented and retained by the user.

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